Literature Review; Analisis Karakteristik Perawat Yang Dibutuhkan Guna Menunjang Tercapainya Kepuasan Pasien

Taufan Agung Prasetyo, dedi irawandi, Dya Sustrami


Introduction: Nurses in a health institution are important. Nurses are health
workers who have the most direct interactions with patients, so the figure of a
good nurse is certainly expected by patients or their families. In this case, the
assessment of the figure of a good nurse is not only seen from her scientific
ability to provide nursing care, but also must pay attention to other factors,
such as friendliness, appearance, and ways of communicating. Objectives: The
purpose of this review literature is to analyze the characteristics of nurses
needed to support patient satisfaction. Methods: In writing this literature
review, using the method of searching literature from international articles
using the ScienceDirect, Goggle Scholar, and ProQuest databases. An initial
search using keywords: "Nurse service and patient satisfaction" resulted in
26,008 international articles from 2020, 2021, and 2020 that match the
inclusion criteria. Results: The results of the literature review show that this
empathy factor can be found in 11 of the 14 articles studied. The next dominant
factor found in the 6 articles was the ability to establish good relationships
with patients, reliability, and communication. Meanwhile, the responsiveness
and assurance factors were not dominant factors respectively. Conclusions:
The conclusion is that there are several characteristics of nurses that affect
patient satisfaction, namely: the ability of nurses to have good relationships
with patients, responsiveness, reliability, empathy, able to communicate well, and
able to provide assurance. From the existing articles, it can be seen that
empathy is a dominant factor in influencing patient satisfaction



Pelayanan perawat; kepuasan pasien

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